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Stress Takes Toll on Troops in Iraq – Video May 5, 2007

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troops in iraq

According to a new study, large numbers of troops are reporting symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The study even goes as far as to suggest that longer deployments are to blame. This report explains….

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Real Jessica Lynch Rescue Video April 28, 2007

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New video of PFC Jessica Lynch’s rescue from Iraqi hands over 4 years ago has risen to light. It is now clear just how different the reality of her extraction is from the White House reports at the time. I remember very clearly how the focus of American media shifted dramatically from the progress of the invasion, the failed hunt for Osama Bin Laden, the non-existant Weapons of Mass Destruction, and an ever elusive Saddam Hussein to this one missing Private. At the time, I was confounded… why was the media not reporting on the important things!? Why were we constantly forced to listen to an, as we now know, fabricated report of her capture, detainment, and rescue? It seemed ludicrous with all that was happening, to focus entirely on this one soldier.

Of course, I know now from my own conversations with reporters in Iraq at the time that the US Government simply was not providing information on anything other than Lynch. The reporters had to talk about her and her rescue because thats all the Government would talk about. Clearly, the White House wanted to distract the American public from the realities of a bungled war. If there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we would’ve found some kind of evidence within the first few days of occupying Baghdad. When we didn’t, it became immediately apparent to the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and anyone else “in the know” that the war was a massive mistake. By redirecting media focus to a “human story,” the capture and subsequent rescue of a cute, 19 year old girl seemed like just the thing to pull the wool over our eyes once again.

Now, we can see her rescue, as it really happened….

Click here to view more at liveleak.com

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Video of Bill O’Reilly Losing His Mind April 6, 2007

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He has finally gone way too far… Bill O’Reilly has really lost his mind. He explodes at Geraldo Rivera in this one on one…

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Al Gore Should Be President March 21, 2007

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600 Gore

Calling for action in Congress, against the growing problem of Global Warming, Al Gore has managed to make the move from filmmaker back to politician. When watching his speech (video below) one can’t help but feel as if this man should run for President…. again.

Al Gore has the experience, the credibility, the intelligence, the character, the name, the image, the potential to be elected the next President of the United States. But he has maintained that he holds no such ambitions.

Once again, it is time for the people of this country to rise up and demand more than a politically popular candidate. Now, more than ever, we need a leader with vision… someone who can put our country back on the right track. I believe Al Gore is that man.

If you’d like to tell Al Gore to run for President in 2008, a petition has begun at: http://draftgore.com/

There are also the Al Gore Support Center forums at: http://s8.invisionfree.com/Al_Gore_Support/

If you’d like to contact him directly to tell him to run for President, write to:

Honorable Al Gore
2100 West End Avenue, Suite 620
Nashville, TN 37203

Best moment of his speech:

His opening remarks to Congress:

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The Oval Office – Parody Cartoon March 16, 2007

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If you’re a fan of the tv show “The Office” then you’ll find this video hilarious!

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Rwanda Rising or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Coalition Governments March 4, 2007

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Since we last heard from Rwanda, the ethnic fueled genocide had reached its end. The two warring groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi, had actually ceased fighting.

Rwanda today struggles to heal and rebuild, and shows signs of rapid development, but some Rwandans continue to struggle with the legacy of genocide and war.

Brief history: In July, 1994, the Rwandan Patriotic Front won its military campaign and organized a coalition government. Since that time, that government has been a force for peace and reconciliation between the two previously warring groups. The main difference between it and Iraq’s current coalition government? The Rwandan’s did it themselves.

Its quite likely that the current situation in Iraq will devolve into something matching full out “ethnic cleansing.” Yet, Rwanda reminds us that perhaps all of this will work itself out on its own. So, maybe the best course of action for the United States is actually full withdrawal.

In the past, I have argued long and hard that any pullout from Iraq would leave the country in shambles. But what if that is how it needs to be, in order to rebuild? All of the tension in the region screams for a release, and while this may sound absolutely horrible, I’d rather they “work things out on their own,” as opposed to targeting us any further, or focusing additional aggression towards the United States. If we simply packed up and left, removing our presence from the situation, violence would increase drastically, in the immediate. But eventually, the people would grow so sick of it, that they would demand peaceful revolution on their own. If we had never maintained a presence in the country after removing Saddam, we would still be historical “liberators.” The resulting violence within the nation would be seen as internally induced, and as an outlet for pent-up aggression and frustration. Their mess would be their problem; one they would eventually work out on their own.

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Disturbing New Terrorist Tactics March 2, 2007

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This video speaks for itself:

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Tomb of Jesus Found? February 27, 2007

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The truth is indisputable, 2000 year old tombs bearing the names of Jesus and his family have been found, and at least so far, are proving to be authentic. Scholars calculate the odds of this “family” being found together, and not being that of Jesus, to be around 600 to 1…. still within the realm of ‘random chance’ possibility. So ultimately, nothing is proven that can be interpreted as anything other than an article of faith.

Still, should the tomb prove to be genuinely that of the Biblical Jesus and his family, the fact that one of the other tombs bears the name of Jesus’ son would cast major doubt upon the accuracy of large portions of Biblical text. Such an error at the very heart of Christianity could potentially invalidate the entire religion in one fell swoop. If the New Testament is wrong about such a critical fact of Jesus’ progeny, and in actuality, claims the opposite to be true, then every other statement made within its text should be doubted; if not as historically accurate, than certainly not as the literal word of God (how could God make so many mistakes?)

It is through this chain of logic that the discovery gains so much meaning. But will Christians every truly accept that their most esteemed religious text could be flawed… and fatally so? Those who believe the literal truth of the Bible have managed to ignore things like Archeology, Astronomy, Biology, and Sociology in favor of things like Astrology and Alchemy (Don’t believe me? Read your Bible). So who are we to think that the addition of History into the mix would have any bearing on the minds of a true “believer”?

UPDATE: You can “explore the tomb” and the documentary at Discovery’s website.

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Candidates Favorite Movies February 25, 2007

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Not so much news, just interesting. These are the 2008 Candidate’s favorite movies:

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Iran Navy Gearing Up for War February 19, 2007

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In recent news, the Iranian Navy has been conducting exercises that may signify preparation for war. Given Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and unfettered hatred for our country, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their preparations are for a possible US strike.

The complications of nuclear proliferation are such that research into clean, cheap energy very much resembles the assembly of a weapons program, the explicit aim of which is the devastation of vast portions of the globe. So, how is one to determine whether a foreign country’s motives are for energy or war? Well, observing that country performing additional military exercises may be a dead giveaway.

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