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Abstinence Education Does Not Impact Sexual Behavior April 14, 2007

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Abstinence Education Does Not Impact Sexual Behavior:
By Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.,,

A recent study of four abstinence education programs finds that the programs had no effect on the sexual abstinence of youth. But it also finds that youth in these programs were no more likely to have unprotected sex, a concern that has been raised by some critics of these programs. The study found that youth in the four evaluated programs were no more likely than youth not in the programs to have abstained from sex in the four to six years after they began participating in the study. Youth in both groups who reported having had sex also had similar numbers of sexual partners and had initiated sex at the same average age.

“This is the first study of multi-year abstinence programs, and it is one of the few that has tracked its sample members for as long as six years,” notes Christopher Trenholm, the project director and a senior researcher at Mathematica. “The study finds that the sexual abstinence of students in four programs selected for the study was much the same as that of students who did not participate in these programs.”

“Some policymakers and health educators have criticized the Title V, Section 510 abstinence education programs, questioning whether the focus on abstinence puts teens at risk of having unprotected sex,” says Barbara Devaney, one of the study’s principal investigators and vice president and director of Human Services Research at Mathematica. “The evaluation findings suggest that this is not the case. Participants in the abstinence education programs and nonparticipating youth had similar rates of unprotected sex at first intercourse and over the past 12 months.”

The study findings highlight the challenges faced by programs aiming to reduce adolescent sexual activity. Two lessons are important for future programming in this area:

Targeting youth at young ages may not be sufficient. Most Title V, Section 510 abstinence education programs are implemented in upper elementary and middle schools and most are completed before youth enter high school. The findings from this study provide no evidence that abstinence programs implemented at these grades reduce sexual activity of youth during their high school years. However, the findings provide no information on the effects programs might have if they were implemented in high school or began at earlier ages but continued through high school.

Peer support for abstinence erodes during adolescence. Peer support for abstinence is a significant predictor of later sexual activity. Although the four abstinence programs had at most a small impact on this measure in the short term and no impact in the long term, this finding suggests that promoting support for abstinence among peer networks should be an important feature of future abstinence programs.

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Risque Photos of American Idol’s Antonella Barba – What’s the Big Deal? February 23, 2007

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Again… these photos are fine!!!! Like the poor Ms. Nevada, the text version of this story permeating through the media paints a different picture… literally. These are the photos which have caused so much controversy. Another great example of the media blowing things way out of proportion, just to find a scandal. And I’m sure we’ll hear over the next few weeks how American Idol is contributing to the sexualization of America…. We’ve been hearing all about what MTV has done. Personally, I’m sick of this. Times change, thats the nature of the world. And if one thing remains constant, its that those who can’t keep up are always left behind. I mean, does anyone really want to be Amish? Case in point. (I’m tired of our country being so far behind the rest of the world).

This is the infamous “topless girls at the beach” shot. They were friggin’ tanning!

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the rest of these:

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Boys will be Boys… So Shut-Up about your Book, Lady February 19, 2007

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I have been neglecting my blog for the past week… I know. But, work was crazy and the only news seemed to be about Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears’ shaved head, or some hikers stupid enough to get lost… none of which I actually consider to be “news” as the events have absolutely no relevance to anyone but those directly involved.

So imagine my surprise when today I was in my car and heard on CNN (satellite radio) that a 17 year old had been sent to jail for 10 years because he had sex. Thats absurd! Clearly some over-zealous father was upset that his daughter turned out to be ‘less than chaste’ and he exercised power he probably shouldn’t have to ruin the life of the boy who she “consensually had intercourse with.” Why did tax dollars pay for this? Why will they be used to pay for this kid’s incarceration? What a waste.

But, my real problem was this woman that CNN had on, who was giving her opinion of what the Bible has to say about sex. Of course, the average age of marriage 2000 years ago was shortly after puberty, the biological indicator, or in the mid teens, but this historical fact did not enter her argument for “family values.” Its not one I’m going to rehash here, but her main point was this: “People who wait until marriage live happier lives.” She actually said that, and I can’t believe the reporter doing the interview didn’t smack her in the face. Anyone who’s actually been married knows this is far from the truth, but thats ignoring the fact that what she said is absolutely impossible to prove or back up with evidence/study/research of any quality.

So where was the voice of reason in this “newscast”? Where was the sociologist (person who studies people) asking “What the hell are you talking about?” In fact, there was no expert of any kind. The woman herself wasn’t even a Biblical Historian (someone who studies the Bible), simply a devout believer with some B.S. Church of This or That credentials.

Where is the accountability in NEWS!? When did saying whatever you want replace factual descriptions of events? When did advancing some religious agenda become more important than the issue that A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD WAS SENT TO JAIL FOR HAVING SEX!!!!!!!! This is when you take the time to talk about how screwed up our Courts are, not how screwed up our families are. You analyze what happened: why this kid ended up in jail, what occurred during the trial, what evidence was presented, and not why he wasn’t reading the Bible more!

…. My 2 cents

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Nude Calendars are Becoming Popular Fundraisers December 26, 2006

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Nude Calendars are becoming increasingly popular methods of raising money for fundraisers. This blog recently commented on Miss Nevada as she was fired for appearing in racy photographs. But, when the profits go towards a good cause, the ends begin to justify the means. Interesting philosophical question…. is charity a good thing no matter what the cost? Or, is there some line we can cross where its no longer worth it?

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) — Miss December is wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a smile. Oh, and holding one strategically placed cat.

Chandra Gates, 39, decided the Humane Society of Jefferson County was a worthy enough cause for the 39-year-old to bare nearly all for a nude-calendar fundraiser.

“I’m shy about the picture but definitely proud of the cause,” said Gates, an animal caregiver there.