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Iran is Playing With Nuclear Fire March 23, 2007

Posted by Dan in Middle East, Must Read, News, Politics, War.

British Soldiers0323

Iranian naval vessels seized 15 British marines and sailors of the coast of Iraq, earlier today. Refusing to make a statement until recently, Iranian television is reporting that British personnel were arrested after crossing illegally into Iran’s territorial waters. The report did not say how many were taken, where they were being held, or what would happen next. The sailors were captured after a routine examination of a vessel believed to be in Iraqi waters. British military patrols have been given authority to board vessels in Iraqi waters under United Nations mandate and with the permission of the government in Baghdad.

Hopefully, Iran will do what it did when it 2004, when they stopped three British boats, seizing eight sailors and six marines. The men appeared on state television blindfolded, but were released without incident.

The difference is that tomorrow, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was scheduled to speak before the U.N. Security Council regarding their increased sanctions in light of Iran’s potentially military nuclear development program. The Council has already voted to sanction Iran, and is scheduled to vote again on further sanctions after a U.N. nuclear watchdog agency reported that they could no longer say for certain that Iran’s program is non-military in nature.

British naval vessels conduct these operations in Iraqi waters all the time. Why would Iran pick now to capture some of their soldiers? Whether they know it or not, Iran is playing with fire, and they’re going to get burned. What would appear to be a sign of strength for Iranian citizens (the capture of British forces) is more like a sign of war for the West.

The boiling pot is about to spill over…..

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1. Anonymous - March 23, 2007

Why has not the latitude and longitude of the event been released?

2. Vigilante - March 24, 2007

This latest incident is just one more ‘tick’ in the ticking time bomb the world has had to endure since Bush and Blair illegally invaded and occupied Iraq.

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