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Why I Like Barack Obama… February 10, 2007

Posted by Dan in Must Read, News, Politics, Science.

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I like Barack Obama, and I’m not afraid to say so. Why? Because he and I agree on one very crucial truth… partisan politics is tearing America apart. I see it again and again, when Congress repeatedly votes along party lines on some of the most profound issues before our country since universal suffrage and the abolishment of slavery.

Stem cell research will fundamentally change the way we look at healthcare. Millions of people who would otherwise die waiting for organ transplants, will instead be presented with a customized organ that their body will not reject, providing them the opportunity for a long, healthy life instead of a slow, agonizing death. The replacement organ is necessarily grown from the patients own stem cells (not someone’s baby). In fact, many of the recipients of such organs would be children! Normally, when a child is given a transplanted organ, it fails within about a year or two, and must be replaced again. This is because as the child grows, the organ does not. However, customized organs grown from the individual’s own stem cells would provide a “one-stop” replacement for the rest of the child’s long and happy life. And yet, when Congress is presented with this scientific problem with the possibility of saving so many lives at so little cost, they fall back to their party platforms, usually devised to appease those with no real knowledge of the issue. And so, millions of Americans, including children, die each year because the truth of stem cells is clouded in partisan gas.

But, the problem is not isolated to medical research. Everything from the government’s stance on minimum wage to healthcare, social security and highway construction, environmental protection and corporate rights, are decided by high ranking party officials, many of whom hold no elected office, and filtered down to the voting members through some ill-gotten sense of indentureship, a feeling that politicians describe as “owing something” to the party that put them in office. This is a far cry from a republic, and even further away from democracy, where leaders make decisions in the best interest of the people.

Notice I didn’t say “right” or “wrong” decisions, only those “in the best interest of the people.” Such decisions are derived at through rational debate and discourse, centering around facts, evidence, and expert testimony, taking into account both the needs of the many and the rights of the few. This is how our Justice system is set up to operate… why not our Legislative as well? Why is it considered common practice for a Congressmen to deliberately conceal facts contrary to their personal beliefs, while a similar action in a Court of Law would force a mistrial? We seem to be implying that truth has less of a place in Congress than opinion, the end result of which is the ultimate downfall of our country as one bad decision mounts atop another, and another, and another, until finally we can’t get out from under the corruption that will have become our convoluted political system. Currently, we seem to be on the fast track towards that end.

So… why do I like Barack Obama? He understands what I’m talking about. He knows that our country, democracy, the republic and freedom are far to valuable to abandon willingly in the face of meaningless power squabbling. Our country must be about more, or soon we will become less, and the greatness that is America will devolve into nothing more than a historical footnote of how not to run a government.

Obama’s announcement to form an exploratory committee puts this into his words:

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1. Farhan Mannan - February 16, 2007

What’s his support base like at the moment?

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