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Homemade Political Ads – They’re Virtually Everywhere January 30, 2007

Posted by Dan in News, Politics, Video.

In quite a “sign of the times,” homemade political ads have begun cropping up on Internet Video Sites. I wanted to illustrate the potential for this, good, bad, whatever, so I focused on Barack Obama (simply because there is so much online video about him) and provided a wide cross section of videos below. However, I’m sure every candidate has a similar following online. Below is a sampling of what you can find online, just by doing a simple search at a site like Youtube or Google Video. Personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled. The citizens of this country are finally taking a genuine interest in Politics! Perhaps our election turn-out numbers will continue to rise. It seems as if, thanks to the internet video revolution, Democracy is on the path to reaching its full potential. Whereby, every citizen is politically active, and a majority through voting will be the same as the majority through census.

The Good, the Bad and the Rest of US:

Bill Richardson’s 2006 Western Ad for Gov. of New Mexico (template for Barack’s):

Obama ’08: Vote Hope!

Barack Obama Hit Piece:

Obama: Hope for our Country:

Obama Bio Video:

There’s even crap like this:

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1. University Update - January 30, 2007

Homemade Political Ads – They’re Virtually Everywhere

2. Farhan Mannan - February 1, 2007

A testament indeed to the growing awareness that questioning is an option, and the benefits of the proliferation of technology allowing us to share information – that is, until all major NSPs are taken by the government, which will likely lead to the creation of a sort of… secret internet. Subternet! I don’t know. Am I raving?

3. Dan - February 1, 2007

Farhan…. you’re not raving. In fact, you’ve given me a great idea for my next post. I’m going to write an expose on the “subternet” that aready exists.

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