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Blitzer v Cheney – Video Interview January 25, 2007

Posted by Dan in News, Politics, Video.

If you haven’t seen the recent interview Wolf Blitzer conducted with Dick Cheney, I highly recommend watching clips of it below [this video was not edited by me]. Despite the fact that Wolf and I are frat brothers, I have to wonder about some of his questions. Probing Cheney about his lesbian daughter and her recent pregnancy does cross the line…. unless you’re specifically asking him about the Administration’s anti-gay policies. Like Blitzer, I want to know what he says when his daughter asks him why she can’t marry the woman she loves, but you can’t expect Cheney to actually answer. He just responds with Idiospeech (a phrase I coined from another Blitzer interview).

Yet, while watching the interview myself, I can’t help but sympathize with Cheney. He gets asked all sorts of “crap” questions all the time. Wolf Blitzer should be different. The questions should’ve been intelligent, probing, insightful. They weren’t.

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1. One more - January 26, 2007

Good of you to be critical of both friends and foes.

2. neilwestbrook - January 27, 2007

I wonder what led Blitzer in that direction to begin with. I also wonder what “line” it is that you think he crossed?

3. Dan - January 28, 2007

… the line between Journalism and Sensationalism

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