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Webmerica’s State of the Union January 24, 2007

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My fellow Americans… It would be remiss to say America hasn’t made more than her fair share of mistakes this year. The situation in Iraq has regressed beyond all reasonable predication. Instead of peace and democracy, we see war and ceaseless revolt. Instead of a shining beacon in the Middle East, we have a dark breeding ground for hatred and terrorism. This was no one’s intent, and yet the situation remains largely blameless. Perhaps this is because we all share a portion of responsibility for the current mess. One thing is for certain, we will continue to move forward, unrelenting, because our future depends on it.

To leave behind a leaderless Iraq with a lame shell of a government would not only represent our greatest foreign policy failure of the last 100 years, but it would provide anyone with the intention of doing great harm a platform from which to strike. It is this second possibility that keeps us in fear and in Iraq, because it waits upon our doorstep. No one will deny that we have lost control of civil authority, and as a result, the President has ordered an additional 20,000 troops to the region. While elusive, the answer to the crisis in Iraq lies in more security, not less.

America’s debt situation is more complicated than “in or out.” While we have a great deficit, the economy is strong. In a global community, our financial debt represents investment in foreign markets. The more money we lend out, the more possibility we bring to the world. Yet, not every penny is spent on just cause or the right thing. Bureaucracy is just too complicated to expect it to function flawlessly; there is waste. But while some of our money is lost on the expense of government, it is our job to ensure that the rest goes where needed. This debt represents more of the latter, than the former.

The World is fast approaching a global energy crisis. Our dependency on non-renewable fuel sources has not diminished, and moreover, has continued to cause irreparable harm to the planet around us. Yet it must be understood that, just as this damage has taken centuries to accumulate, it will take centuries to fully correct. By seeking advancements in wind, solar, nuclear and other clean, alternative fuels, we take the first steps on the long path towards correcting the ecosystem.

America’s recent mistakes have made her particularly susceptible to positive change, and in that respect, they have been welcome. Those in stubborn isolation, now forced to hang their heads in quintessential shame, have finally opened to compromise, and our politics have once again shifted towards the middle. It is here that we find greatest consensus, and for the first time in a long time, our future looks bright. We have begun to dig ourselves out of this hole within which we jumped. I know that the next five years will be better than the last five years, and that with all our battles, the United States will prevail because we must.

God bless America.

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