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Bush State of the Union – More Democrat Than Republican January 23, 2007

Posted by Dan in Must Read, News, Politics, War.

Bush’s State of the Union this year boiled down to three main topics…. energy, healthcare and Iraq. Here’s a list of quotes from his speech. All are things I agree with. Actually, I agree with most of the things Bush said, and I think I know the reason for it…. for the first time in his career, he’s willing to compromise. And that, is the key point of the night.

“We must balance the federal budget.” ….. “We can do so without raising taxes.”

“Eliminate the federal deficit within the next five years.”

Cutting earmarks on government spending legislature is a great idea.

Medicare, Medicade and Social Security do need to be fixed.

“All of our citizens need affordable and available health-care.” But reinforced private health insurance.

2 Initiatives to help Americans afford insurance. Providing substantial tax savings for those of us with our own health insurance…. not company provided.

Medical Liability reform? Right, because too many doctors are being sued!

Comprehensive immigration reform = Good.

Diversify America’s energy supply. We do need more wind, solar, and nuclear power plants.

“Reduce gasoline usage by 20% in the next 10 years.”

Still making references to September 11th…..

Again with the: “take the fight to the enemy.”

Are we winning the war on terror? The President is right when he says “we measure our successes by what doesn’t happen.” When nothing happens, they’re doing their job.

I can’t believe they showed John McCain sleeping! Well, yes I can. That’s just what you get for “resting your eyes” during the President’s most important speech of the year.

There were no claps when Bush spoke of his recent deployment of more than 20,000 troops to Iraq.

But the 4,000 Marines, “to find the terrorists and clear them out” got applause.

Bottom line, Iraq would fall apart if we simply pulled out, and our troops are necessary there. No matter how you spin it, thats the way it comes out.

“I ask you to support our troops in the field, and those on the way.”

“Increase Army and Marine corps by 92,000 in the next 5 years.”

I am glad he called attention to Darfur and the Sudan, but what about Ethiopia’s recent invasion of Somalia?

“We must continue to fight HIV/AIDS, particularly in the continent of Africa.”

“We have got to show each other some love.” (This is my favorite Bush quote of the night)

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1. James Aach - January 24, 2007

Regarding energy – and nuclear power – it’s unfortunate that the public has little understanding of how electricity is really made and what the pros and cons of each source are. Placing nuclear and wind in the same sentence is like mentioning a pro wrestler and a ballerina. Both have their roles to play, but they are quite different.

We know about war because we have plenty of veterans and some good movies, but as a nuclear plant worker I can tell you just about everything you see and read on the topic (by boosters and detractors alike) has little to do with the day-to-day goings on at an atomic plant. To get some entertaining background on this, see my blog for “Rad Decision,” a thriller novel and a nuclear plant tour in one. It’s provided online at no cost. Comments at the website homepage are quite favorable. There’s also a paperback version. Thanks. http://RadDecision.blogspot.com.

2. Melissa - January 24, 2007

No matter how much Bush says that more troops are going to fix the dire situation in Iraq it ain’t gonna happen. We could send the entire U.S and it wouldn’t mean a thing.

3. One more - January 24, 2007

Yes, but as so often before, will the words of consideration lead to actions toward consideration? We can hope.

4. Brent - January 25, 2007

Again with the: “take the fight to the enemy.”

Am I to assume you’d rather fight them here?

Still making references to September 11th…..

Of course, because since we haven’t been attack since 9/11 (thanks to policies of Bush and others) we should just forget about it. That will surely make the problem cease to exist in the future. The problem is that people do tend to forget this, and that is terribly DANGEROUS. So I see absolutely zero problem with reminding people about this, since the mainstream press refuses to do so.

What you forgot to mention is when Bush said

Let us find our resolve and turn our events toward victory.

The Democrats sat on their hands, as if to say that they do not support victory in Iraq. It’s as if they want us to lose.

@Mellissa, you sound exactly like al-Zawahiri. Whose side are you on? Nice way to look at America –with the type of pessimism that is typical of hard-left liberalism. People like you make me sick. I am proud of my country. I tried to join the Army to fight in the war, but unfortunately they would not except me because of an injury I had long ago, that still affects me enough for them to reject my service. I am not angry about it though, and I support my country in other ways, especially with my words and donations. Perhaps you ought to consider doing your part as well. Do you appreciate your freedom? What have you done to show this appreciation, other than to suggest that America sucks at what it does?

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