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Hell in Iraq on eve of State of the Union – Video January 22, 2007

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On the eve of Bush’s 2007 State of The Union Address, bombings rock Baghdad and al Qaeda’s second in command issues a warning to the West, predicting a fate “worse than anything you have yet seen.” The full video lasts 14 minutes, but we’ll be showing only a sound-bite. However, if you wish to view the video in its entirety, lauramansfield.com (a website that analyzes terrorism) is hosting it.

Meanwhile, bombs in Iraqi marketplaces killed dozens of people in Baghdad and Khalis (near the northeastern city of Baquba). Except this time, insurgents have picked up a new technique… dressing like our soldiers and speaking English. They are able to breeze through checkpoints with fake IDs, as American Military Personnel are allowed pretty much anywhere.

The mayor of Baquba, Mayor Khaled al-Sinjari has also been kidnapped, and his office leveled. The Mayor’s Office had been in a residential area controlled by armed groups with “no regular security forces,” according to an Iraqi security official.

The US military said that about 3,200 U.S. soldiers are being deployed to Baghdad to assist Iraqi security forces in the coming weeks… the first part of Bush’s plan to add 21,500 troops to the war effort.

The State of the Union address marks Bush’s 8th attempt at the speech since taking office. It will be broadcast on every major network, tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9PM ET. I’m really looking forward to what he’s going to say. I’m seriously interested in how they plan on solving this real disaster in Iraq. Bush is expected to speak on the issue.

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