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China Carries Out Space Weapons Test – First in 20 Years – Video January 20, 2007

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The United States is demanding answers after Beijing reportedly carried out a weapons test in space last week. The weapon, however, was not “space based.” It is thought the Chinese used a ground-based, medium-range ballistic missile to destroy a defunct Feng yun 1C Polar Orbit weather satellite. If confirmed, the test represents the first known satellite intercept in more than 20 years.

The US, though officially opposed to placing weapons in space, has been reportedly researching such devices, particularly in the last several years. Space based weapons, or devices that orbit the Earth with the sole purpose of providing attack capability to their controllers, have generally been frowned upon by the global community.

You may remember Reagan’s Star Wars Missile Defense System, a planned space based weapons array capable of eliminating ballistic missiles in flight by heating them with lasers. Such “defensive” platforms, aimed at ground based weapons, have traditionally garnered modicums of support, while weapons designed to specifically target objects in space have largely been scorned.

However, I deeply hope that we are developing such weapons in secret. No one country should be allowed possession of such large scale destructive forces. Weapons aimed at eliminating satellites would provide our now or future enemies with the capabilities to cripple the world’s telecommunications systems, amongst others like GPS, Satellite TV, and even XM radio. The effects on the globe would be devastating and widespread.

Unfortunately, if the cold war has taught us anything, it is that the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), whereby if you launch, I launch, has successfully kept the world from all out nuclear war, despite some very close calls. In other words, it may not be perfect, but it worked. Looking for further proof? Despite the some odd 20,000 nuclear weapons in the possession of both the United States and Russia, none has ever been used maliciously since the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki proved so completely horrific.

The bottom line is this: If other countries are developing new weapons capable of destruction on the global scale, we must follow suit.

CNN’s reports on the consequences of China’s Space Weapons:

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1. whitishrabbit - January 20, 2007

Bush rehabilitated Star Wars shortly after coming into power. It is not a defensive weapon, in fact it is incredibly unviable for anything but an offensive weapon. But we sink billions into it anyway. Curious, no? The whole concept is scary as hell.

2. Pat - January 20, 2007

Say WHAT!? The United States is not FIRST at something? Perish the thought! Our Department of Defense is now shaking in their boots at the prospects of technologically being “bombed back to the stone age” by the thought of China being able to surgically (okay, sporadically, after the third attempt) remove an aging satellite from the orbital sky. Consider this: China blows our communication satellites out of orbit, and we are all back to sending messages via Western Union or Pony Express. The Red Machine obliterates our GPS satellites, and our military loses the “smartness” of our bombs. The People’s Republic kills our “eye in the sky” and we can no longer see an invasion before it happens. Perhaps we should reconsider our Imperialist ambitions around the world and focus on defending America first? Just a thought…

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