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The End of Bush’s Domestic Wire Tapping Program January 18, 2007

Posted by Dan in News, Politics, Technology, War.

In a victory for law and civil rights, the Bush Administration has conceded jurisdiction of their domestic wire-tap program to the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. This means that, once again, law enforcement agencies will be forced through the long, encumbering process of seeking a warrant.

Yes, the “fighting” Fourth Amendment seems to have made a come-back, requiring probable cause in order to listen-in on an American’s phone call…. or at least for any evidence garnered under such circumstances to be admissible in court.

Below are scans of the document Attorney General Alberto Gonzales composed to notify the Senate Judiciary Committee of the reversal in policy.


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1. One more - January 18, 2007

Always keep fighting. The fights will never end.

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