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Rumor: Condi Rice to Become Vice-President January 7, 2007

Posted by Dan in Politics, Snipets.

A rumor has been circulating around the web that Dick Cheney is going to be replaced by Condi Rice. It states that John Negroponte is becoming Deputy Secretary of State in preparation to replace Rice after the promotion. I don’t understand what this would accomplish, unless Republicans are planning on running her in 2008 if Hilary Clinton becomes a contender. Then the bid might give her a little experience as an “elected official,” but would only ingrain her further with the ailing Bush Administration. Cheney is at the end of his career, but Condi might be able to pull herself out of the negative stigma of the Iraq failure, after enough time has passed.

The rumor, from TNR.com:

Because standards are lower on weekends… here’s a new rumor straight from an insidious “Washington cocktail party”: John Negroponte is becoming deputy secretary of state as preparation to replace Condi Rice when she leaves her job. Why would she do that? To take over for an “ailing” Dick Cheney as vice president. Sure, Cheney resignation rumors are about as old as the Bush presidency. But one well-informed person said that, while he doesn’t think this will happen, he also doesn’t dismiss it out of hand.

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1. marcg - January 7, 2007

How does executive promotion give her, in your words, ‘experience as an elected official’? I don’t get it. When will her election be?

2. Dan - January 7, 2007

Haha… it doesn’t! She wouldn’t be elected, but she’d technically hold elected office.

I’m only speculating as to why someone would think of putting her in the position of VP.

She’d need much more than Bush’s Sec. of State to get her elected President at this point, and the Republicans are going to have to really reach for a candidate in 2008.

3. marcg - January 8, 2007

Not you, as in this blog but TNR, of course.

4. cyberthugz - January 8, 2007

I would love her to become vice president.. Even though she needs a perm I think she’s a bit sexy.. Maybe it’s the power she has I don’t know.. LOL

5. auxarcspublications - January 8, 2007

Rumors are rumors are rumors.

6. kitkatknit - January 8, 2007

I didn’t vote for any of them. Elected or not.

7. madmouser - January 8, 2007

It sounds like a viable move if Cheney does step down. I suppose the Republicans think that Condi could get a large portion of the black vote to help offset the new Mexican Democrat base. Oh, what a twisted web of one upsmanship this election could become. Hillary could have Obama as her running mate to run against Condi. This is going to be a good show, so make a big bowl of popcorn and get ready for the action.

8. robertdownes - March 6, 2007

this is to be taken seriously i would say, cause ive heard the same rumor from people not so far from the source. ill be curious if it does happen.

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