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The (Non)Religious Person’s Guide to Evolution v Creationism, Choice v Destiny, Reprogramming Our DNA and The Ethics Behind It January 6, 2007

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Recently, the BBC reported on increasing controversy over human/animal hybrids. As most embryonic science is outlawed in our wonderful country of Freedom, the only real science has to come from outside. What’s the worry with this particular study? Simply that the population’s failure or unwillingness to understand the science behind the work is going to increase negative public opinion, just as it is in the United States.

So… the ultra-controversial question is: should human genetic material be mixed with animal genetic material if it provides cures for disease? Furthermore, how far should science be allowed to go?

Here are the facts: DNA is nothing more than a series of chemicals that exact exactly like the programs on your computer. Very different pieces of complex coding designed so that each little bit works to perform a specific task. Think about the portion of you DNA that runs your brain as Microsoft Windows, while the portion that runs your heart is like the computer coding designed to run your Pentium processor. As people, we have “bugs” in our DNA, just like there are bugs within the code for Windows (ever seen the blue screen of death? That’s like computer epilepsy).

And just like Windows, people are working hard to fix all the bugs with the software that is our DNA. Unfortunately, also like Windows, you have to take the code apart and actually read it to find the problems. Its bloated beyond belief, full of junk programming/DNA that doesn’t ever do anything, and no two computers/people work exactly alike. (Makes sense?) While its relatively easy to just type new instructions into a computer, its much more difficult and controversial to do the same with human DNA. Why?

Well, DNA = Computer Code for Life…. its just that simple. Up until now, “natural selection” has taken care of the “bugs” within the genetic code of every species on the planet. It works like this: If you have a section of code (this is what’s called a Gene) that, for instance, makes it impossible for you to walk. Now, pretend its 5,000 years ago, and you’re living in a jungle. You wouldn’t be able to find food on your own, and you’d make a very easy target for some very harmful animals. Without help, you would’ve certainly died, and that Gene that kept you from walking dies with you. But, all it takes for a Gene to end is for the person with it to never reproduce. If you don’t have kids, all of the genetic material specific to you, good and bad, ends there. When this happens billions of times over millions of years, its called “Evolution;” the organism that you started with will always seem completely different from the one you end with.

So, God, Biology, and the World have been changing our DNA for us ever since life began on this planet. If you believe that this happened 6,000 years ago, as implied by the Bible, then within that time our average height has increased by more than a foot and a half. We know this is true because we can figure out how tall people were 6,000 years ago by looking at their bones. But we don’t even have to do that! Anyone who’s even taken a trip to the Middle East has already had this proven, repeatedly; you learn by bumping your head every-time you forget to duck down for an ancient doorway. People were smaller then. We have changed in the last several thousand years, and that means our DNA has changed as well.

Is playing around with our DNA the same as playing God? The answer here is: possibly. If you believe that God controls life, and we have no free will (everything is predetermined for us, and we’re simply following along), the changing our DNA is playing God, because thats His job. On the other hand, if you believe God set things up, made the world with everything in it, but then sat back to let us make our own future by giving us the freedom of choice, then changing our DNA is not playing God; its actually “playing evolution.” If, on the other hand, you do not believe in God, then you already understand that changing our DNA is only science, and you should probably just forward this post to one of your friend’s who doesn’t.

As you may have realized already, the belief in God and the belief in evolution are not mutually exclusive. This is what our founding father’s believed. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin… indeed most of the men who ratified our Constitution and Bill of Rights were Deists. If this term sounds new to you, thats because formal religious institutions aren’t in the habit of telling people that God is simply an omnipotent voyeur. Deists believe that God set up the governing principles of the universe, and everything that follows is a result. The principle amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the separation of church and state was implemented from this belief! In other words, there is no one religious concept that fits our nation more perfectly. “In God We Trust” really means, “In The Universe We Trust.” We know that gravity will be there tomorrow, that the speed of light is set exactly at 299,792,458 meters per second, and that the fourth dimension will always be Time. We can rely on the reality around us to remain reality. That is the United States’ Constitutional view of God.

So for us, changing our DNA to fix the errors and “bugs” is nothing more than “playing Evolution” and is actively protected and promoted by the laws at the very core of our society. Should medicine, science, and technology be used to reduce human death and suffering? Absolutely! There is perhaps no more noble cause with which research proceeds.

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