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Video of Saddam’s Hanging!!! December 30, 2006

Posted by Dan in Main, Middle East, Must Read, News, Politics, Snipets, Video, War.

[UPDATE: The newest video, post execution can be found on Webmerica at this address.]

This is the first bit of video, and the new uncensored footage from his execution. As always, Webmerica will try and get the unedited, uncensored version that does not stop just before the moment of death. [UPDATE: That footage is available below.] We show criminals in this country executed on television all the time! Without the “moment of death” on camera, how can we be sure he was killed?

UPDATE: A different, uncensored video can be found in this article, or below, but it is very shocking…

UPDATE: This video is legitimate, CNN reported. No one knows who filmed it or whether the Iraqi government supports it. It may have been shot on a cell phone camera. That report with english translation is available here.

The New Video:

The CNN Report:

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1. The Fish - December 30, 2006

Even if we saw the moment of death, it’s well within whoever’s pulling the strings’ capabilities to fake his death, should they need to.

2. queenali - December 30, 2006

quite true.

3. thepearlady - December 30, 2006

real or not, it’s a sight to see, as is (and will be) the reaction to the “death”, and to where it will lead. (good or bad to be determined)

4. avuee - December 30, 2006

All I can say after watching that is damn….

5. flickrhoneys - December 31, 2006

Thanks for posting, I showed it to my iraqi firend 😀

6. seekingfor - December 31, 2006

This is a sad event.

When Saddam Hussein killed he believed that his actions were justified.

When we condone the killing of another we make the same mistake.

“All beings tremble before danger, all fear death. When a man considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill. All beings fear before danger, life is dear to all. When a man considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill.”
Dhammapada, 129-130

7. Faisal Naik - December 31, 2006

Shouldnt this be the fate of every ruler which ever country caste or creed he / she may belong to .. who commit crime against the people of their own country or outside there country?? Having said that we might not be able to rule out a large number of global leaders today!

8. Saddam Hussein executed! « Dead End - December 31, 2006

[…] The Video-I finally managed to find a link to the video which shows him being hanged.It is not suitable for minors and parental discretion is advised.If you still want to watch it,then you are seeing it at your own risk and will not hold me responsible for any event that may happen.Watch the Video! […]

9. oohsohannah - December 31, 2006

“an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”

10. mkushnir - December 31, 2006

i cannot watch this video: it legitimizes and fetishizes capital punishment, which is never an acceptable penalty, regardless of the crime.

11. サダム・フセインの絞首刑(無編集動画) « ネオウト.Neouto.新烏托 - December 31, 2006

[…] このビデオはWebmerica.orgさんで見つけたものです […]

12. therealdonquixote - December 31, 2006

I have roughly the same post but with the added value of the ability to download the original files. Plus one extra vid of Saddam in a white cloth ded as wood.

I am going to do a mashup of all the vids to create a “movie” of sorts with cuts that make link all three vids to the same time, place and people.

Nice job on getting this post to number 1!!

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[…] list changes December 31, 2006 Posted by bananasfk in iraq, George W. Bush. trackback Due to an prior meeting with a rope (uncensored video) , Saddam will not be attending tonights newyears eve party. River however has her finger on the pulse. […]

14. Brent - December 31, 2006

I find it amazing how many people actually sympathize with this brutal dictator.

He is currently undergoing eternal damnation in Hell. Wait, sorry, I wouldn’t want to offend anybody by suggesting that Saddam’s hanging was a cakewalk compared to what he is going through now.

To those who are complaining about this evil madman being hanged by his own people, I say this: You make the world far more dangerous than it has to be, with your pacifism.

It is a triumphant day –the people of Iraq have expressed their gift of freedom (by America, of course), by showing the world that it is no longer acceptable to live under oppression and tyranny.

Saddam’s death does not make up for the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who were killed under his rule, but this is at least something to be satisfied with.

Saddam was evil and the world is far better off with him gone –period.

15. rare overgang « Reality & Dreams - December 31, 2006

[…] Ga eerst nog ff door over de dood van Saddam H. Heb nu ook de volle beelden gevonden, http://webmerica.org/2006/12/30/video-of-saddams-hanging/ het 2e filmpje is de niet schokkende, de 2e is de wel schokkende met ook het het vallende luik. […]

16. arsenalist - December 31, 2006

That’s what I call defiant.

17. theextraordinaryguy - December 31, 2006

whats the use of this video anyway???…..it doesnt show the moment of his hanging…..it can well be easily faked…..think abt it…….it is POSSIBLE!!

18. Dan - December 31, 2006

It is certainly possible that this video is fake! I can tell you honestly, I was not in the room when Saddam was hanged, and I did not film this myself. However, the speed with which the second video was posted online, and a direct comparison with the “published” video you’ve been seeing on the news, would indicate to me that both of these videos are genuine.

19. awakenings - December 31, 2006

Eh. It’s not that I sympathize with Hussein, I just really don’t agreee with the death penalty.

20. wiieurope - December 31, 2006

Its not fake

21. video ophanging Sadam « Geld lenen - December 31, 2006

[…] klik hier om de video de bekijken […]

22. Video if Saddam’s Execution « No Name 4 Me - December 31, 2006

[…] Video if Saddam’s Execution As mentioned in my previous post that i was extremely disacppointed for hanging Saddam. Hanging someone is no solution for punishing the person, instead they could have kept him alive in the worse conditions and left him all alone there. I came across this video about the execution as was in some kinda trance. Given below is the link for the video.http://webmerica.org/2006/12/30/video-of-saddams-hanging/ […]

23. plubius - December 31, 2006
24. Judy Abbott - December 31, 2006

Yesterday i was so happy for the new and wanted to see his death, today i couldn’t watch it and i the thought of him makes me in fear.
He made me grow up in fear of another war, another torture.
Today he is gone and the pain is doubled.

25. anaj - December 31, 2006

I suppose you are proud of posting this video. I stumpled upon this post via wordpress, but I am not going to watch it. It’s incredibly morbid to see you searching for indicators in this video and debating whether this is a proof of death or not. I am relieved to be able to say that that the death penalty has been banned from Europe. I can hardly understand how a human being can lower him or herself to a a level where he or she wants to see another human being dead. Or how someone can take pleasure in watching the footage from an execution, let alone posting footing of an execution. Shame on you.

26. Dan - December 31, 2006


I respect your position. However, it should be noted that Saddam Husein was executed under Iraqi law, in Iraq, by Iraq. In the United States, capital punishment is an issue left up to each state to decide. Most have abolished it.

As for my personal opinion, you should read my other posts. “Death is not something to be celebrated for any cause” (directly quoting myself).

This post is what we call “freedom of speech” and is based on the principle that all humans are endowed with God given or natural rights, that no government should have the power to take away. Freedom of the press is guaranteed, and why I offer this video as an option for people to see. So is the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Most of our country has come to the conclusion that this means the death penalty is wrong, as it obviously abridges upon an individual’s right to life.

Personally, I think the death penalty was too good for Saddam (and I assume this is what you mean as well). Spending the rest of his life in that ditch where we found him would’ve been much more appropriate punishment.

27. the rabbit - December 31, 2006

LOL, what a fake movie. Shame, shame on, shame on you. Ful me ones…

What a crap, the camera man is losing the best shot of his movie? Imposible 😉

28. the rabbit - December 31, 2006

LOL. I saw better movies on ogrish.com snipe shots ;). That’s the fake movie. Show his neck, show his broken, purple neck. Is it the best shot of most important moment in XXI age? Why quality of this movie is so bad? Kids making parkout movies show better quality with they amatore cameras. What’s this? LOL

29. mattsarides - December 31, 2006

It’s a shame. Don’t take this the wrong way, I hate—hated Saddam for what he did to his people, but are we not claiming to be better? What message are we sending?

“We’ll come to your country to free you, to bring democracy and civilized life to your nation. Now, watch as we hunt down your former leader, find him in a hole in the ground, then have him killed, and then spread the video of a man’s last moments all over the Internet for the world to see.”

It’s just seem like the right thing to do. It doesn’t seem like the American thing to do. I’m not American, I’m Canadian, so maybe my views are a little different, but I know my brothers down south are capable of better.

– matt

30. Dan - December 31, 2006


Actually, you hit on something that really disturbed me by watching the footage. It looks exactly like any of the terrorist video that comes out of the Middle East. Guys wearing ski masks? Check. Lots of Arabic shouting? Check. Half tattered military uniforms? Check. The list goes on…

When I watched it, I was struck by the fact that really nothing has changed over there. Instead of killing in the name of Allah, they’re killing in the name of Law. But it all looks the same.

31. caractacus - December 31, 2006

At the end of the day though, it’s certainly a great advert for the ‘freedom and democracy’ that Bush and Blair (don’t forget our dear Prime Minister) promised to bring to Iraq isn’t it?

That’s the government that we invaded Iraq in order to install? That mob of guys in black balaclavas waving a noose and yelling about Allah?

Grainy footage of a chanting mob of hooded fanatics stringing up an (embarassingly brave) old man, in what appears to be an abandoned garage?

God help us.

32. arsenalist - December 31, 2006

The death penalty is brutal and should be unlawful. We are nobody to play God.

33. Saddam Hussein Hung « A Mind of My Own - December 31, 2006

[…] 1, 2007 Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets, Emotions & Feelings. trackback I saw the photos of Saddam Hussein before his hanging and after. Still photos are different fromseeing him being prepared to be hanged, hung and finally dead. For those who may be interested in the the video, you can find it here. […]

34. notsaussure - December 31, 2006

People might be interested in an Iraqi reaction to the hanging and the video at Baghdad Burning.  Riverbend’s occasional posts from Baghdad make fascinating, though grim, reading.

35. stationary wanderlust - December 31, 2006

[…] the good -we now live in a saddam-free world. though i doubt execution teaches as much a lesson as, say, using prisoners convicted of committing violent crimes as lab-testing subjects (and saving countless bunnies), it’s a significant moment in history. you can’t punish those who don’t listen; you can’t argue with someone who’s never wrong.  i do believe, though, that we’ve no right to do god/fate/karma/allah/justice/whomsover you please’s work. and that’s that. -coachart. my heart grew ten sizes. -myspace (oh, the shame) reconnected me with long-lost friends. -i’m learning how to keep my big friggin’ mouth shut! -taught myself how to knit, set up shop, and sold some art. -gave up the idealistic dream of becoming a significant, world-changing journalist, accepted that those days have passed, and committed to becoming an art teacher. the bad -another breakup to remind my mom that grandchildren are still a pipe dream. -family passing: an uncle and a great-aunt. three friends said goodbye to their brothers; one to his father. another lost her cat and dog. -as a frequent flyer, i can’t help but complain about how incredibly annoying air travel has become. as long as we allow the threat of terrorism to interfere with our daily lives, we are granting them a small victory. the ugly -joint replacement surgery: my dad got a new right hip, followed by a new left knee. my brother and i have been instructed to duke it out for postmortem titanium. i got my eye on that hip, man. the ball joint’s the size of a trailer hitch. technically, they were only ugly for a few months… and are now fully functioning parts of the soon-to-be six million dollar man. -tomkat, brangelina, britney, paris, lindsay, nicole. yak. also, why the hell did madonna adopt a kid who had a parent?! as a general rule, i love her- but i think someone forgot to explain things thoroughly.   […]

36. kidpieces - December 31, 2006

wat a video..really scary though.

37. xlaurax - January 1, 2007

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

He should have got a life jail sentence. Giving him death is too easy.
Sure, it may not be easy if he has to endure hell, perhaps… If he could take life away so easy, like he did, then perhaps death was too easy for him. I think he should have got a life sentence, no treats…a little cell with a bed and a toliet.

38. サダム・フセインの絞首刑(無編集動画) « ネオウト.Neouto.新烏托 - January 1, 2007

[…] このビデオはWebmerica.orgさんで見つけたものです. […]

39. cuzoogle - January 1, 2007

crazy stuff

40. renaikan - January 1, 2007

Why would anyone want to watch it anyways?

41. thecandytrail - January 1, 2007

I keep getting deleted from this pic http://www.thecandytrail.com, as a person who was arested bt SADDam’s regime

42. thecandytrail - January 1, 2007

there is a lie … this will be blanked


43. Govind - January 1, 2007

I still don’t understand…..he was the military ruler of Iraq…..some guys made an assassination attempt on him….andhe got them killed (his prime “crime against humanity”)…..so isn’t that doing something in the National interest??

My neighbourhood country has a military rules as a Prez…some months ago…there was an assassination attempt on him…..and he not only escaped the attempt….but also caught the assassins….and got them hanged……it just makes sense to do that…

….then why is Saddam Hussain hanged…of all th reasons….for killing his assassin??

44. Stephen - January 1, 2007

Personally, I don’t believe that anybody deserves the death penalty. How can such an act result in anything good that cannot be attained through other means? True, we live in a Saddam-free world. I seriously doubt a world with Saddam locked away for life would be much different.

While I am not in a position to judge other people who have lost loved ones or suffered as a result of Saddam’s regime, since I myself haven’t experienced the same, I don’t think that finding closure or peace in Saddam’s death is a qualified reason for wanting him executed. While anger and rage against the man is more than justified, if we were to allow everyone who felt angry for being hurt call for the death of the culprit, then I’m pretty sure that our specie will be at the brink of extinction before the next millenium.

45. christianactionnetwork - January 1, 2007

Stephen: It probably wouldnt make much difference to us , But Im sure it means a great deal to the Iraqi people who actually think He may somehow wind up Back in power. His lawyer actually made a comment in which he thought by some legal means Saddam could return to power. Im sure that comment struck fears throughout the Iraqi people, But know they can rest assure thats not gonna happen.

46. christianactionnetwork - January 1, 2007

For all of the people saying that maybe Saddam is not dead. Give me a break, considering how fast That Iraqi court convicted him, and carried out his execution was a sure sign that they wanted him dead, before he even had a chance to somehow get out of the death penalty or possibly even return to power. In our heads we know that would never happen but the people he terrorized for 23 years probably didn’t want to take that chance. Its the only reasonable explanation I can come up with at this point.

47. Video of Saddam’s Hang « Allan’s Journal - January 1, 2007

[…] Watch Videos Here [ Webamerica.org ] […]

48. christianactionnetwork - January 1, 2007

mattsarides : We did pretty much everything you said up until the point when you suggested we killed him, Im an american by the way. After the U.N. and the U.S. give him several ways out of the invasion he refused them all,The rest you know. However That was an Iraqi court that sentenced him to death and carried out the execution, Im pretty sure that was an Iraqi person who made that video and obviously allowed it to leak onto the internet. So I honestly do not think the united states had anything to do with either of those two , after the capture of Saddam of course. I am happy that the Iraqi people now have some sense of what freedom is all about, and I pray that it will only get better for them.

49. 一代䲷雄的末日:候賽因的臨刑片段 « 以有涯隨無涯 - January 1, 2007

[…] 延伸閱讀:Video of Saddam’s Hanging!!! […]

50. bramit - January 1, 2007

I think that a little bit of censorship is required here. This is a very sad event in the history of mankind when we should be celebrating the start of a new era of open digital communications. In my oppinion the internet is the mos fantastic tool and the work of development teams like the WordPress Community will see the dawn of a new era that will bring education to parts of the world governed by facist dictatotships.
Again, i would like to state that we should to celebrate this event and those that have the technology to protect our children from the nasties that exist out there should think about their roll in the New Digital Age.
For, sure if they don’t – one day governments will.
This is a new dawn – we need new strategies.

Happy New Year!

51. christianactionnetwork - January 1, 2007

the rabbit: this comment is for you, I agree that cameraman sucked. But he was using a cellphone camera, I challenge you to take a video of anything in a half lighted area with a cell cam. And make it look professional then get back to me, maybe if he had an XL2 like me, he would have gotten a better shot for ya, Not to mention he probably had to sneak to get that footage. But what do I know? I just doubt very seriously the Iraqi court that sentenced him to death wanted to keep him alive for any reason whatsoever! Just a thought =)

52. darionescu - January 1, 2007

I had not enough time to read all these opinions, but I would like to say the mine one. I think Saddam had to be punished but not with the hunging or other death penalities… It was judged with a particular country’s law (I don’t actually know which country) so we cannot change the law of that country. Anyway see the Saddam’s face… It seems it would be a formal act, like a sign of a contract… I felt bad when I saw that videos: he’s another victim of a primitive way to judge. Sorry for my not very good english: I’m italian.

53. 有涯 - January 1, 2007

I’m sorry but the thinking that the fall of Saddam is good to world peace seems a little bit too naive.

Maybe Americans need to listen to the rest of the world, especially the people in the Middle East, to learn a more complete picture of what is happening. You will find that what you know or believe is only part of the truth.

P.S. I’m from Hong Kong, China.

54. kaminobatto - January 1, 2007

I really don’t know where to start from!!
I mean this man was completely horrible, and everyone knows that Iraqis lived a daily nightmare since he ever started ruling the country but all I can say is that although he might have been a ruthless criminal towards his people and neighbors still I don’t believe that anyone deserves such a horrible death!
I am and I’ll always be against death sentence because I don’t believe in humans playing god!! Not to mention the worst timing ever for a death sentence: Christmas, new year, Eid Al Adha.. you name it!! I mean this is the time to forgive and to rid ourselves of hatred but apparently we’re forgetting about the true meaning of these holy days and just celebrating them as public holidays!!
I was really disgusted from some of the comments and the celebrations all over the world over a man’s death, it’s just so sick!! I don’t think the devil would’ve had so many celebrations over his death, this whole thing feels so wrong!!
I don’t believe any human being that god created on this earth is 100% evil, and as a member of the middle east population and as I’ve known Saddam for a long time let me share with you some bad deeds and believe it or not some good ones!!
1- He once executed the national Iraqi football team members for not winning a game
2- He killed his brother in law because he left the country as a refugee
3- He slaughtered thousands of Kurds all over Iraq
4- He used to kill people if he had problems dealing with them
5- He massacred thousands of Kuwaitis during his invasion to Kuwait in an inhuman way and his troops raped their women and slaughtered their children
6- (And this one is personal) he assassinated my cousin who was a one of his scientists because he was trying to leave the country and made it look like a suicide to the public
On the other hand:
1- Did you know he was donating blood on regular bases?
2- Did you know that he was the only leader in the world who supported Palestinians especially when they most needed it?
3- Did you know that he was the only Arab leader who believed in the Arab nation?
4- Did you know that he chose not to run away from Iraq while he can when the first signs of the American victory were showing because he believed in his country?
5- Did you know that he controlled his country very well before he got weakened by the gulf war and Iraqis were not fighting each other in his days?
6- Did you know that Iraq was considered to be one of the most powerful countries in the region before the leaders of the world united against him?
In addition did we forget that he lost his two sons in front of his eyes? Did we forget that he witnessed the demise of his strong empire and everything he fought for and built in these past three decades? Did we forget that after all the glory he had how he was digged out of a hole in a miserable shape and how he lost his dignity in front of the whole world? Did we forget that his colleagues and army failed him when he trusted them with his life?
And finally did we forget that all of this happened to him while he was an OLD MAN in his SIXTIES?
I don’t know but for me he already paid and witnessed enough tragedies for a man in his age and I think he would’ve deserved a trail in the international court of law and a life time sentence in jail could’ve got him to suffer more and think over his entire life until he dies and get the final divine punishment by the hands of god.
I believe that the worst thing someone could do is to turn a ruthless dictator into a hero and I believe that this is what just happened here because you know years back I would never guessed that I might feel sorry for the death of an autocratic dictator such as Saddam but unfortunately I do and the way he stood at the gallows and his last words will forever be graved in my mind to remind me of the inhuman death of a brave lonely man in his sixties in front of the whole world while he knows that everyone is and will be celebrating his death!!

Finally I don’t believe his death got anyone his family or whatever he lost back and I don’t think that his death will stop the bloodshed in Iraq as well, killing leads to more killing, suffering and sorrow, we should learn to forgive whenever we have the chance to do so and that’s what makes us human.

55. enreal - January 2, 2007

Sadam was an evil man, a mad man…but we as man are not GOD, Thou shall not kill. Who are we to assume His role. By no means am I hollier than thou, but I can not watch as we lower ourselves, we should have put him back in that hole in the ground where we found him. We should have let him sit there and suffer the powers of the mind.

56. Saddam Hussein’s Hanging « Cashless Carnival - January 2, 2007

[…] Why was the hanging process made such a televised spectacle? There are videos of the hanging floating all over on the net, It also appears to be the most searched video currently. […]

57. 74zoobie - January 2, 2007

My question is, if he is a martyr, what did the 72 virgins do so wrong that they will end up with Saddam?

In reality, he probably shat his nice new pants just before being wisked of to hell!!!

58. Stephen - January 2, 2007

True, the threat of Saddam regaining power in Iraq may be the driving force behind the surprisingly hasty turn of events. However, is this a justification for executing him? In the same way that there is still lingering resentment over the Bush administration’s preemptive strike on Iraq due to security concerns, I would say that a similar case could be made with Saddam’s execution. The threat of his return to power may help the Iraqi people sleep at night, but I honestly don’t think that this justifies a death sentence.

I live in the Philippines, one of the recognized havens for terrorists connected to Al Qaeda. I wouldn’t appreciate the U.S. government (or any other government for that matter) taking matters into their own hands and launching a military offensive against these people just because it makes everyone sleep soundly at night. It doesn’t mean I don’t resent these groups for the damage they do to my country, because I do, it’s just that I don’t think trading our humanity for a good night’s rest is worth it.

59. Video of Saddam’s Hanging!!! « Webmerica.org « なんでも - January 2, 2007

[…] Video of Saddam’s Hanging!!! « Webmerica.org Published January 3rd, 2007 未分類 Via: Video of Saddam’s Hanging!!! « Webmerica.org […]

60. 海珊(萨达姆·侯赛因・Saddam Hussein)死刑的影片 « ネオウト.Neouto.新烏托 - January 3, 2007

[…] 海珊(萨达姆·侯赛因・Saddam Hussein)死刑的影片 雖然海珊是個壞人,但是還是不想看到他的死刑,因為我基本上是反對死刑的,但是如果因為他的死伊拉克的人民可以讓他們了結他們的一個心結的話…或許是好的。本來是不想把這個放上網上的,但是讀者要看的話,就按。如果不看的話…千萬不要按。 這個影片是從Webmerica.org的網站找到的。 […]

61. iltsar - January 3, 2007

saddam hanged : i don’t sad neither happy
(if) osama shot : i don’t sad neither happy
maybe it’s true they re cruel man the terrorist, etc
but i think it would be fair if sometime i see the war freek hanged too. someone who think he is “the world police” who is the peacemaker who keep the peace with someone else blood

62. kaizensand - January 4, 2007

I just need a place to get this off my chest, so thanks for providing it…

I can’t bring myself to view the video of his hanging. It’s just too much!

63. paralleldivergence - January 5, 2007

You need to read “How Saddam Killed the Death Penalty…”


64. yunahalo - January 6, 2007
65. caractacus - January 6, 2007

Talking of warts on society’s penis (or other organ) I understand that Bush is planning another bloodbath in Iraq to prove he isn’t a sissy.

That should help a lot …

I have some fairly strong views on this, but I’ll keep them for my own blog.

66. Has Saddam’s Execution Made Him a Martyr? « Webmerica.org - January 8, 2007

[…] The gruesomeness of the Saddam Hussein execution, as witnessed by the “Cell Phone Video” posted earlier at Webmerica, may have inadvertently turned Saddam into a […]

67. shelbycockrell - January 8, 2007

I think it is sick that people are wanting to watch someone die. He may have killed many people, but why does that make it okay to watch him die? And why are we using a video of his death as a pawn to get hits and attention to our pages? It is sick, I believe.

68. La vida de los SERES HUMANOS valen muchísimo más que sus mezquindades políticas señor Alan García… Reflexione. « MARCONA PROTESTA - January 8, 2007

[…] *Vea las notas de la ejecución de el Dictador Sadam Husein, en una demostración de la barbarie y salvajismo norteaméricano, que sólo busca un rédito económico de ello. ¿El Perú quiere volverse al salvajismo como respuesta a sus grandes problemas? […]

69. youthpeacenetwork - January 8, 2007

while the other half of the world celebrates saddam’s death, the other half mourns with him. terror breeds terror. violence and death attracts nothing but itself. this should not have been how a person with crimes against humanity is treated. still, the dignity of a human life should have been upheld. saddam’s death is not a solution nor a closure to the strife that still exist. justice, i think, should be restorative. the least that could have been done was to put saddam into life imprisonment. his death should not be a cause of celebration but a warning.

70. Math test on Monday « you’re on dangerous grounds, - January 10, 2007

[…] your reference, an uncensored video of Saddam’s hanging can be found here. Call me slow, I don’t really […]

71. nauman - January 18, 2007

american and current iraqi regime are all basteds, who are endeavouring to disgrace the image of islam.they will never be successful.bush will be hanged and executed in a more pathetic way

72. Lee Larson - January 19, 2007

If anyone out there thinks they know the facts about Saddam’s supposed death, they’re living on wishful thinking. It has now been 142 years since President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and it is still highly dangerous for any citizen here to push the government too far about details of the killing. Get used to life in the dark, because the truth will never come to light.

73. Dan - January 20, 2007

Uh… I don’t delete comments (unless they’re spam), but I just have to comment on this one…..

Investigating Lincoln’s assassination is dangerous? I really don’t think so. Its kind of a stretch to imagine the US Government actively ensuring no one finds out “The Secret of Lincoln’s Assassination.” I think they have more important things to worry about, and government organizations are generally understaffed as it is.

74. sullan - January 22, 2007

hi its an horrible act frm americans…………….

75. Brent - January 23, 2007


Iraqis hanged Saddam, not Americans. If you didn’t know that, now you do. Perhaps you ought to stop watching al-Jazeera for your news.

76. WirelessBob - January 24, 2007

This was terrible that the video made it out, now it’s not justice it’s just a spectacle.

77. bubbly - January 24, 2007

I think all what is happening in the world is madness.I know they hanged him but i think he is just one of MANY.don’t you think LOTS AND LOTS of other leaders should be hanged too by now.but we human being are great in judging,when we concentrate on one bad person we forget all the others who they are even worse.

78. Brent - January 25, 2007

Again when you say we, are you suggesting that you are Iraqi?

Americans did not hang Saddam, nor did we put him on trial. All we did was capture him from his hole and turned him over to democratically elected Iraqi authorities.

Again, it was IRAQ who hanged Saddam. What don’t you people understand about that?

79. Florian - January 29, 2007

I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

80. bubbly - January 29, 2007

No we are not Iraqi nor American anyway for me it doesn’t matter who hanged him,maybe he deserves what happened to him but who are we to judge him or anybody else.Maybe we can judge and believe me we are GREAT in judging but the hanging thingy i hate it and i don’t believe we should apply it at all.the other thing which i mentioned it before,when we concentrate on someone we just forget all the others that they still hurting us.

81. Brent - January 30, 2007

Yeah, poor Saddam. He really deserved another chance didn’t he? Did you see the look in his eye? It was the look of an honest man, who only wanted his power back. He just wanted to be president. Who are we to judge him?

Again though, it was his own people who did this, and nobody else. It was their will. His death does not make up for the other million that are dead because of his evil. But who are we to judge evil?

In fact, who are we as humans to judge right vs. wrong at all? Evil people have just as much right to carry out their lives; just as much as the righteous right? We must not let the fact that they are evil blind our senses into not granting them the same privileges as the rest.

This is called illustrating absurdity by being absurd. Consider it like recording what you have said, then listening to it.

Many of the responses here are no less ridiculous.

82. Brenda Caldwell - February 4, 2007

Bush makes me gag – he used us all ! And then we asked for more by electing him again (I didn’t). Bush and Saddam both used people and situations for their personal gains.
I am personally against the death penalty – but I can understand why people would be nervous about Saddam getting anything less. I don’t know that many people actually enjoy seeing someone put to death, but it has historically been of interest to humans for whatever reason..
Saddam made his choices . Unfortunately, he did not take into consideration that his own people would have the opportunity to make their’s. Oh well ! Who can we trust?

83. madamme - February 11, 2007

my dear buffalos in the universe pretending to be mankind of yourself. Mr. fake Maliki is a silly brat fooling himself of a day 100% he will meet with his own soul. Warn you all American fellas, Mr.Double bush too that no makind will leave this earth twice, but only once and that would be the last wether executed,murdered or died. Laugh to the irresistability and valnerability of your own cruelself.

84. Peaceful world - February 19, 2007

Saddam is killed, it doesn’t mean that he was erased from our minds and History, Saddam is still alive and still will be

85. MOTHER OF 3 - February 21, 2007


86. Brent - February 21, 2007

What’s funny is, there seems that many in here are more critical of Bush than Saddam. Goes to show what type of people run this blog, and read it.

George W. Bush is a good man. And so is Dick Cheney.

Have fun with that liberals, communists, and terrorist sympathizers. Try not to pop too many blood vessels in your foreheads! 😆

87. billy - February 28, 2007

hi.good site.

88. billy - March 10, 2007

hi.nice site

89. nathan mead - March 26, 2007

kill alll the packis

90. A new Mel Gibson project: The Passion of the Saddam « Bananas in the Falklands - April 9, 2007

[…] The film (passion) made it to tv, i found it’s end neither gory or that B word that the bible thumpers use in great volume, Being honest the film rather reminded me of Saddams hanging […]

91. alex - April 11, 2007

hi nice site.

92. robert - June 14, 2007

hi all.

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