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Video of Saddam’s Body – Post Hanging December 30, 2006

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[UPDATE: The newest video, post execution can be found on Webmerica at this address.]
While we haven’t been able to find footage of the moment of Saddam’s death, we do have the following footage of his body, post execution. He is visible wrapped in white cloth. Under Islamic law, his body should be buried within 24 hours of his death. What you’ll see is grainy at best… but hey! Its Iraqi TV.

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1. madmouser - December 30, 2006

You’re right, it is pretty grainy, but it sure looks like Saddam. Good Riddance…

2. awakenings - December 31, 2006

Hm. I wonder where they buried him…

3. Dan - December 31, 2006

Saddam was buried Sunday in Awja, near Tikrit, Iraq, in the same graveyard as his sons.

4. the rabbit - December 31, 2006

LOL. I saw better movies on ogrish.com snipe shots ;). That’s the fake movie. Show his neck, show his broken, purple neck. Is it the best shot of most important moment in XXI age? Why quality of this movie is so bad? Kids making parkout movies show better quality with they amatore cameras. What’s this? LOL

5. Video of Saddam’s Body!!! - Post Hanging « Webmerica.org « apocalypsenews - January 1, 2007

[…] Video of Saddam’s Body!!! – Post Hanging « Webmerica.org Video of Saddam’s Body!!! – Post Hanging « Webmerica.org […]

6. kr17 - January 2, 2007

It’s about time they killed this sick man…if that really is him.

7. Vince - January 9, 2007

That’s his clone, lol!

8. thirtysomethingmom90 - January 10, 2007

A little justice

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