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Saddam’s Last Words – The Death Letter December 30, 2006

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“The Letter” written by Saddam Hussein on November 5th, was released by his lawyers following his death. Key excepts from the BBC’s translation are below. However, I want to prefix this with a statement. While he speaks towards the good of his country, know that he was put to death for executing a large percentage of that country. He speaks of sacrifice, yet he lived in palaces. He speaks of enemies, but he has done everything in his power to make them. The only good thing he he says is that people should not hate, but for a man who inspired such fear from his own population, that is quite a claim. Did he not hate the Olympic athletes from his own country that were executed for their under-performance? What about those he killed strictly for their religion? He can’t white-wash history with this letter….

A letter written on 5 November by Saddam Hussein has been released by the former Iraqi leader’s lawyers. Here are some key excerpts.

In the past, I was, as you all know, in the battlefield of jihad and struggle.

God, exalted by He, wished that I face the same again in the same manner and the same spirit in which we were before the revolution but with a problem that is greater and harsher.

Oh beloved, this harsh situation, which we and our great Iraq are facing, is a new lesson and a new trial for the people by which to be judged, each depending on their intention, so that it becomes an identifier before God and the people in the present and after our current situation becomes a glorious history.

It is, above all, the foundation upon which the success of the future phases of history can be built.

In this situation and in no other, the veritable are the honest and faithful and the opposing are the false.

When the insignificant people use the power given to them by the foreigners to oppress their own people, they are but worthless and lowly. In our country only good must result from what we are experiencing.

To the great nation, to the people of our country, and humanity: Many of you have known the writer of this letter to be faithful, honest, caring for others, wise, of sound judgement, just, decisive, careful with the wealth of the people and the state… and that his heart is big enough to embrace all without discrimination.

His heart aches for the poor and he does not rest until he helps in improving their condition and attends to their needs.

His heart contains all his people and his nation, and he craves to be honest and faithful without differentiating between his people except on the basis of their efforts, efficiency, and patriotism.


Here I am speaking today in your name and for your eyes and the eyes of our nation and the eyes of the just, the people of the truth, wherever their banner is hoisted.

You have known your brother and leader very well and he never bowed to the despots and, in accordance with the wishes of those who loved him, remained a sword and a banner.

This is how you want your brother, son or leader to be… and those who will lead you (in the future) should have the same qualifications.

Here, I offer my soul to God as a sacrifice, and if He wants, He will send it to heaven with the martyrs, or, He will postpone that… so let us be patient and depend on Him against the unjust nations.

In spite of all the difficulties and the storms which we and Iraq had to face, before and after the revolution, God the Almighty did not want death for Saddam Hussein.

But if He wants it this time, it (Saddam’s life) is His creation. He created it and He protected it until now.

Thus, by its martyrdom, He will be bringing glory to a faithful soul, for there were souls that were younger than Saddam Hussein that had departed and had taken this path before him. If He wants it martyred, we thank Him and offer Him gratitude, before and after.

‘The enemies’

The enemies of your country, the invaders and the Persians, found that your unity stands as a barrier between them and your enslavement.

They planted and grounded their hateful old and new wedge between you.

The strangers who are carrying the Iraqi citizenship, whose hearts are empty or filled with the hatred that was planted in them by Iran, responded to it, but how wrong they were to think that they could divide the noble among our people, weaken your determination, and fill the hearts of the sons of the nation with hatred against each other, instead of against their true enemies that will lead them in one direction to fight under the banner of God is great: The great flag of the people and the nation.

Remember that God has enabled you to become an example of love, forgiveness and brotherly co-existence…

I call on you not to hate because hate does not leave a space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking and keeps away one from balanced thinking and making the right choice …

I also call on you not to hate the peoples of the other countries that attacked us and differentiate between the decision-makers and peoples…


Anyone who repents – whether in Iraq or abroad – you must forgive him…

You should know that among the aggressors, there are people who support your struggle against the invaders, and some of them volunteered for the legal defence of prisoners, including Saddam Hussein…

Some of these people wept profusely when they said goodbye to me…

Dear faithful people, I say goodbye to you, but I will be with the merciful God who helps those who take refuge in him and who will never disappoint any faithful, honest believer… God is Great… God is great… Long live our nation… Long live our great struggling people…

Long live Iraq, long live Iraq… Long live Palestine… Long live jihad and the mujahideen.

Saddam Hussein

President and Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Mujahid Armed Forces

[Additional note:]

I have written this letter because the lawyers told me that the so-called criminal court – established and named by the invaders – will allow the so-called defendants the chance for a last word.

But that court and its chief judge did not give us the chance to say a word, and issued its verdict without explanation and read out the sentence – dictated by the invaders – without presenting the evidence.

I wanted the people to know this.

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1. intonations - December 30, 2006

Democracy is dead
By the same standards with which the US executed Saddam – there are many Bushes and Bliars, the hitlers and Stalins of the world who are guilty of the same crimes and yet are walking free. Abu Ghraib, Secrect Renditions, Guantanamo Bay and Haditha are all testament to the fact that Bush and Blair are no better that Saddam. If his was crimes against humanity, then this should be either done under a UN criminal tribunal or under the ICHR. But his detractors already knew that this would mean forgoing the death penalty for Saddam as these courts would not mete a death sentence.
The due process, which is the cornerstone of every true democracy and not least for Iraq – was severely compromised. Chalabi already pronounced the penalty for him before a trial judge hardly heard a single defense from Saddam, defense lawyers were mysteriously killed, court proceedings were made increasingly difficult for the defense, judges were switched for being nice to Saddam etc etc. Basically everyone who had an axe to grind were having a go at Saddam. And the worst of it all the whole court proceeding happened under the shadow of the US military occupation. This is the ultimate mockery of justeice. The writing was already on the wall, it was verdict first – the trial later as a mere formality- a kangaroo court proceeding, making a mockery of every law abiding democratic nation. If this is democratic justice, I really don’t want to know what is not. The whole idea was to put a stop to all the injustices that Saddam was accused of. But sadly his detractors were no different. Bush said that Saddam was given the justice that he denied his own people. It seems that he was being meted the same old justice he has been familiar with of old. Its a case of two wrongs – the invaders could’t care less about justice nor the Iraqi people. To say that Iraq is a quagmire is an understatement. I just I read the first few lines of the posting above describing his criminal escapades – but if his name is not mentioned it would also be a fitting description of Bush himself. At the end of the day – is iraq better than before? Is there rule of law, is there safety? Is there human rights? Is there democracy? I don’t think anyone can safely say yes to any of this.
The first sacrifice of the Islamic holy month of sacrifice is not a sheep or a goat but Saddam. The Iraqi government just shot themselves in the foot. The most important trial of this fledgling “democracy” was a sham. You can imagine what is to come. May god protect the innocent.

2. goodbye, Saddam. « にがいあき - December 31, 2006

[…] I don’t know whether this is good or bad but perhaps this may be of help to make your own judgements. Personally, after seeing the video of the former being hung to death, I kind of sympathize with him. Forgive me for being soft-hearted but despite all the evil deeds he had done, I’m sure the American government should also have their fair share of blame, too. And although Saddam wasn’t the only one to die (his half brother and some other state chief personnel were executed too), Iraq’s bloodshed wouldn’t end so soon. […]

3. so long, farewell. « にがいあき - December 31, 2006

[…] I don’t know whether this is good or bad but perhaps this may be of help to make your own judgements. Personally, after seeing the video of the former being hung to death, I kind of sympathize with him. Forgive me for being soft-hearted but despite all the evil deeds he had done, I’m sure the American government should also have their fair share of blame, too. And although Saddam wasn’t the only one to die (his half-brother and another state chief personnel were executed too), Iraq’s bloodshed wouldn’t end so soon. […]

4. nicholamalpas - December 31, 2006

F.Scott, where the hell are you?

5. Laura Janke - December 31, 2006

I’m glad he was executed, and I am glad that he was able to feel his life leaving his body. He deserved everything he got and then some.


6. lentip - January 1, 2007

Not only after seeing the video of Saddam’s hannging but I’ve never agreed, and have never accepted death penalty. After being captured man has become powerless. So, execution is just killing a powerless person. Besides, to my belief, it’s only Him who has the power of taking someone’s life, not any human beings. Under certain extreme circumstances, one may have to kill other human being, like in criminal actions or any defenssive situations but this is completely different story where the situation is something like kill or to be killed. Obviously, in such situation both are likely weaponed or can use the attacker’s weapon to kill (unintentionally) him.

7. sufiyan - January 5, 2007

This is the most unpleasent and disappoint which happend few days ago. For this, not only USA all countries is responsible including Arab countries. Its just like, one criminal give punishment to other. USA killed millions of peoples in their past. nobody can give panishment to USA. His policies always change with their interest. At the time of iran – iraq war, USA with saddam, that time saddam doesn’t look like a DICTATOR for USA. But saddam is the most strong man. He accept his deth like a brave man. He is truely a “MUJAHID”

8. daniel - January 23, 2007

it was good that he was executed, I hated the court prceedind which sometimes dominated the newpapers. but should be thrue to ourselves; this man killied million and his only life can not in any way compensate for the decimatons he caused. united states needed to be wiser that it is to know that. Anyway, It will be pleasure meeting Saddam in HELL

9. Muhammad Mutebi - January 26, 2007

Bush and Blair should have it at the back of their minds that they will die just like Saddam,and it’s SO unfortunate that for them they are going to HELL……….. & THEY’LL BE THE FIREWOOD FOR HELLFIRE ………INSHA-ALLAH.MAY THE GOOD LORD PERFECT IT.

10. Ryan - February 28, 2007

Was Lincoln hung for keeping his country united, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, or setting up POW camps that starved/tortured CSA troops? The answer is no. To this day, we glorify the man because the winners write history, and which is why Saddam Hussein will never be looked at from an objective standpoint. Down with Bush, the neo-conservatives and American Imperialism…

11. Farhan Mannan - March 1, 2007

There’s too little undoctored information – and we have no idea whether it’s doctored, fake or what when we (non-influencers – civilians, troops, people…) get it – for us to make any judgements on anything. This whole media culture crap has got out of hand.

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