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Medicine of the Future – Live Forever with Science! – Nanotechnology – Video December 26, 2006

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Up until very recently, the general trend of medicine throughout history has been to take someone who is sick, and treat their symptoms until their body corrects the problem on its own. Vaccines are just weakened forms of the virus they prevent, allowing your body to “practice” fighting it off, and “learn” to do it before you’re exposed to the real disease. Even antibiotics just give the body a serious advantage over microbial infections; its your immune system that ultimately gets the job done.

So, how are you going to live forever? Well, not with this kind of medicine. Fortunately for us (the now living) an entirely new avenue of health care is opening up, thanks in part to advances in three primary fields: Computer Science, Biology, and Nanotechnology. We now know more about the genetic precursors for serious disease, where the body’s weak points are, and how to fix them. We have advanced technology to see inside ourselves and examine in great detail the natural functions of our cells, and where they break down.

Yet, the real miracle of medicine is still some 80 years away. Imagine a robot, smaller than a human blood cell, capable of traveling throughout your body, detecting problems and fixing them automatically. This is the “Holy Grail” of nanotechnology and would represent the ultimate convergence of those three fields. The machine would have to be self replicating (able to build more of itself), allowing a single injection to send millions into your body. They would scrape your blood vessels free of cholesterol buildup, clear aneurisms before they strike, eliminate cancerous cells while there are still only a few of them, and no danger to anything. They could even go as far as to identify genetic weak-points in our DNA, spotting susceptibility to things like heart disease, Parkinson’s, and anything else that shouldn’t be there, correcting errors as they go.

This somewhat trippy video portrays a possible future with nano-bots:

True nanotechnology would mean the total annihilation of disease in all its forms. Correcting problems with our body’s natural functions is still new, but we can already see the beginning of this road. Personally, I have a great deal of experience with Propecia, a pill that actually halts hair loss by modifying the body’s natural hormone concentrations. While this may seem like a small achievement, it is in fact monumental in its importance: Propecia is a medication that changes you, to fix a totally natural, expected, part of aging, simply because it is undesirable.

This is only the first step in a long line of medical innovations to combat our genetics; one that will eventually lead to the nano-machines described above. But one thing is for certain, we will someday advance to the point where we have a cure for death itself. Perhaps then we will cease to be human (as far as natural genetics describes us), but I prefer to think we will simply correct the problems any of us shouldn’t have to deal with.

It is the unstated goal of all modern medicine to seek a cure for mortality, and we are clearly well on the way. The only problem becomes serious overpopulation. See my upcoming article on the future of the manned space program for more…



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