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Evolution v Creationism – Family Guy Style – Video December 24, 2006

Posted by Dan in Funny, Main, Religion, Science, Technology, Video.

I think our country places far too much of an emphasis on this argument. We all need to grow up and realize that God and Science are not mutually exclusive concepts… they can both exist together. For a little comedy, here’s what the popular cartoon Family Guy has to say on the subject:



1. Darmok - December 24, 2006

I think many of us realize this already. Conflict usually arises when people attempt to have religious ideas taught as part of science curricula; I do not believe there are any efforts to promote scientific explanations over religious ones in religious institutions.

2. Dan - December 24, 2006

Yes! Its a horrible double standard. My favorite relevent quote…. “Keep religion out of the classroom and I’ll keep science out of the church.”

3. Darmok - December 25, 2006

Right; they’re different ways of looking at different things…each one addresses matters the other is ill-suited to do so.

4. strawberryfields - December 26, 2006

One thing I think is important for people to realize is that scientific thinking changes pretty rapidly. People tend to think that if it is the current scientific thinking on a subject, it must be the completely correct one. Theories change quickly, expecially in todays world. What is the complete scientific truth today, may not be tommorrow.
Many times, when people dispute something in the bible they say something like.. Well, no evidence for that is found in the archaeogical finds, so it must not be correct. We should remember that maybe tommorrow that evidence may come into light.
I also don’t believe that science and religion are mutually exclusive by no means. But as our current religious beliefs may change as our ideas grow, so do scientific theories in our culture.
Theories are not permanent ideas set in concrete. Just current beliefs too.

5. Dan - December 26, 2006

Very very true! Most people don’t know, but Homer’s Iliad was considered mythology by science at the time, until the 1870’s when German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann found the city of Troy.

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