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Miss Nevada Dethroned – Racy Pictures – Video December 23, 2006

Posted by Dan in Main, News, Snipets, Video.

So recently there’s been some coverage in the media about the current Miss USA and Donald Trump. She was “behaving badly” and was for the big “Your Fired!” However, Miss USA managed to keep her dignity and her throne intact during a heartfelt press conference where she burst into tears. Basically, she slept with Trump to keep her job. However, Miss Nevada 2007

has not been as lucky. Several photographs of her have appeared on the web [seen below] that are apparently too much. After looking the photos, I’ve come to the conclusion that every girl with an account on Myspace or Facebook has the exact same pictures of themselves. This is becoming the norm today, people like to go out and have fun, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, doesn’t appear to be breaking the law in any of these photos (maybe indecent exposure), and anyways, these pictures are from before she got the title. Miss USA was acting badly while she had the title, and was implicated in drug use and sexual promiscuity. I can see a difference…. can you?

Miss Nevada 2007 Katie Rees.







1. Chris - December 25, 2006

I don’t see what the big deal is with the photos either. I must have also spent too much time at Myspace as well. 🙂

Nobody expects beauty contest winners to be angels. Don’t they all go hang out with the Sultan of Brunei after they are done with their official duties?

I wonder if an appeal to Mr. Trump can save Ms. Nevada?

2. purefnevyl - December 25, 2006

I agree the pics are pretty tame by todays standards. But one of the few Miss America’s to have a career started on a similer but even more debaucherous note. Maybe Katie will have similar luck.

3. Dan - December 25, 2006

Without a doubt, the publicity is going to help!

4. Nude Calendars are Popular Fundraisers « Webmerica.org - December 26, 2006

[…] Nude Calendars are becoming increasingly popular methods of raising money for fundraisers. This blog recently commented on Miss Nevada as she was fired for appearing in racy photographs. But, when the profits go towards a good cause, the ends begin to justify the means. Interesting philosophical question…. is charity a good thing no matter what the cost? Or, is there some line we can cross where its no longer worth it? […]

5. flickrhoneys - December 26, 2006

Wow, I wonder if anybody has found her myspace yet? 😉

6. bananasfk - December 26, 2006

Beauty queens are so last year, Miss Nun, and the new format of Miss Burkha is the way for ‘young’ Donald to find virgins to scarifice.

Miss Burkha has the added advantage that the ugly ones explode when rejected – makes that apprentice line ‘ you fired’ seem a bit lame. I never knew these thing still existed.

7. Miss Nevada Dethroned - Racy Pictures - Video « Webmerica.org « great - December 26, 2006

[…] Miss Nevada Dethroned – Racy Pictures – Video « Webmerica.org […]

8. Kita Kazoo - December 26, 2006

She sure has a long tounge!

9. brokenman - December 27, 2006

hey she’s having fun! let it be! we all should have one!

10. Miss Nevada Dethroned - Racy Pictures - Video « Webmerica.org « apocalypsenews - January 1, 2007

[…] Miss Nevada Dethroned – Racy Pictures – Video « Webmerica.org Miss Nevada Dethroned – Racy Pictures – Video « Webmerica.org […]

11. curlykarl - January 4, 2007

nice 🙂

12. Baby Jebus - January 17, 2007

Wont someone think of the children?!

13. Kita Kazoo - January 20, 2007


That would just be horrible… Not Children!

14. shelby - January 24, 2007

Whats the big deal? Show more! I’ve done the same with gf’s when having fun, so what? More girls the merrier! lol.

15. Mike Taylor - February 10, 2007

She is a Ho. Plain and simple.

16. tj - February 27, 2007

I luv ho’s

damn right she’s having fun… just wished i happened to be the meat in her sandwich that night or any other for that matter

17. The Libran - February 28, 2007

Aww….how sweet – images of fake hos swapping pubic lice with their tongues. Can we say *VD BUFFET* -Dig in guys! Half the CRABS than your average trailer ho!

Any girl who depends on their looks & steamy body to get ahead in life is basically the root of decay in American civilization. They take important jobs from men & women who are more competent and are trying to support a family.

Anyone who condones this kind of behaviour in public is basically a modern retard- but hey, who are we to judge? They’re just having *fun*.

“Look at the pretty girl ripping her clothes off for attention. How elegant and prize winning!”

I urge everybody that’s reading this to look up *Accountable* in the dictionary. (Thanks MH) 😉

18. the phantom - March 1, 2007

Let’s not kid one another – some people call these things “scholarship contests” and talk about brains, personality, etc. – it’s all a big crock. Everyone knows that these girls are nothing but high class ho’s. A lot of them probably do cocaine and PCP, and Donald Trump has probably f**ked his share of them. Hey, don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to preach that we should get rid of these contests – I like looking at “eye candy” just as much as the next guy – but let’s not kid one another or be hypocritical about what these things are or what they represent. Enjoy beauty pageants now while they last guys – if the feminist dykes from NOW have their way, someday they may be outlawed……

19. Idaho man - March 12, 2007


She is MS. Nevada!!

The state that has legal prostitution, gambling and area 51.

I think she should be given a break after all she is representing her state.

I say Cudos to her.

Maybe she should display here talent here in Idaho where she is always welcome and Feminine beauty is appreciated.

20. Anonymous - May 23, 2007

this i gross

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