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Google Earth is Killing Santa Claus! December 22, 2006

Posted by Dan in Main, News, Religion, Science, Snipets, Technology.

What are children to do? I’m sure if you’ve got kids of your own, you realize they’re growing increasingly “web-savvy.”

Included in this computer revolution is a little miracle called Google Earth. Satellite images are streamed to a users computer, showing them any place on the globe…. including the North Pole! When Google Earth lets users view the highly top secret military base “Area 51” it, until recently, has provided no clear picture of Santa’s workshop. Not to worry, Google Earth 4.0 (a newly released update of the software) has this say about Santa:



But!!!!!!! On my Mac computer (which has traditionally been behind in software updates from Google), this is what a search for the north pole brings up:

Picture 2

As you can clearly see, the North Pole is somewhere over the waters just north of Greenland, with no Santa in sight. So Mac users beware, don’t let your kids on Google Earth unless they’re ready to stop believing in Santa, and you’re ready for that conversation!



1. DS - July 8, 2007

Nice im only 13 im injoning this is it rilly ther i haven’t read it all but send me an emmale of how i can get the one that you got of Google Earth i have no clue how to downlod it thers no doenlod on the page so neext time you get this meseag send me the link to downlod it ok good luck on other stuff or whatever you do ok.

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