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95% of Americans had Premarital Sex December 20, 2006

Posted by Dan in Health, News, Politics.


The statistics are in and according to a new study, 95% of Americans have had premaital sex at some point in their lives. What is perhaps most interesting is that the study found these statistics have held steady since the 1950’s, despite the fact that American’s today are waiting longer to marry, and are therefore sexually active as singles for greater spans of time.

This tends to fly in the face of governement funded programs promoting “abstinence only” programs as a means to combat STDs, and would seem to indicate that hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted in well meaning, but ultimately futile efforts.

The honest truth is that government has no more of a mandate to regulate individual sexual behavior that it does to choose our religions for us. The Constitution, while not explictly stating as much, gerneally steers towards protection of individual liberties, and abstinence only on part of the government. Historical fact dictates that our founding fathers were filanders of the highest degree. The controversy surrounding Thomas Jefferson’s sexualy life persists to this day! While we can never be sure of their exact moral stipulations, we can be certain that our government was never supposed to govern our lives on such a private level.



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