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Blitzer v. Duke December 14, 2006

Posted by Dan in Middle East, Must Read, News.

Round 1….. Fight!

If you haven’t seen the news, I highly recommend checking out CNN’s video of the Duke/Blitzer exchange. In the efforts of full disclosure, Wolf and I are in the same fraternity (although separated by a few years).  But despite that, I think he’s incredibly brave for bringing Duke on the show in the first place.  Their conversation brought to mind something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…. Who the hell do these people think they’re kidding? Does Duke honestly believe that by tiptoeing around an answer to Blitzer’s “Do you hate Jews?” question, he’ll somehow convince us that he’s a rational person? People do this all the time… In fact, i’m going to coin a word that describes it:


From now on, whenever someone is deliberately hiding their real feelings or intentions with rhetoric, and it is painfully obvious what they’re trying to hide, that will be called Idiospeech.

And for the record… the Holocaust was real.  Its called “history.”  Can we stop debating that point?  Honestly, it reeks of similarity to those who deny the Moon Landings.  Despite the fact that the Hubble has provided images of the scoring left on the Moon’s surface when the Lunar Modules’ rockets lifted them from the surface.  Except that, with the Holocaust, there’s even more evidence.



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